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About Us

INDIC-CHAIN (A Mobiloitte Foundation initiative) is on a mission to create the world's largest talent pool of digital technologies to help governments, businesses, organizations, and society in their digital transformation.

Joint setups of the Digital-Center-of-Excellence (D-CoE) and smart labs of Digital Transformation Technologies in Universities, Colleges & Educational institutes for students for hands-on experiential learning. Special focus is on education institutions set up in Rural, Semi-urban areas.

Creating Proofs-of-Concept (PoC) and MVPs based on Digital transformation technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Data Science for local government offices & social causes impacting the local livelihood through D-COE set up with Universities and Colleges.

To facilitate Digital health initiatives in the community through D-CoE with special emphasis on differently-abled people for them to harness the best of technology initiatives in the world.

Setting up the departments of Digital Transformation Technologies in Universities and Colleges for Earn-While-You-Learn (EWYL) course offerings on Blockchain, AI, IoT, Data Sciences, Cloud Computing, & Cybersecurity for Joint publications and Research possibilities.

Encourage, Facilitate placements, sponsorships, apprenticeship programs in collaboration with industry partners, governments, academia, and development sector.


INDIC-CHAIN offers Apprenticeship, Internships, Jobs, Consultancies, Certificates, Courses Research Opportunities for Blockchain, IoT, Data Science, AI/ML Training with high tech infrastructure and facilities. INDIC-CHAIN prepares thousands of candidates for training at an affordable fee structure


We're not teaching students with the obsolete software. We make them work with advanced technologies and real-time experts.


Classroom teaching on its own is no longer beneficial. Our curriculum for all courses has been designed to meet the current MNC requirements.


Our secret of success lies in our experienced team, which always turns students into IT Champs with their continuous efforts and support.

Our D-CoE Centers

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