भारत का ब्लॉकचैन + एआई, आईओटी | India’s Blockchain + AI, IoT

A certified blockchain professional is a specialist who has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and can develop business applications based on blockchain.

As demand for blockchain professionals is growing, these blockchain apprenticeships programs can prove to be your competitive advantage giving businesses trust in the fast recruit.

INDIC-CHAIN has initiated an apprenticeship program for blockchain, which is designed for you to go with and beyond the cryptocurrencies and into the basics of blockchain, research, distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, etc.

The blockchain market is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion to USD 39.7 billion USD by 2025.

Overview of Apprenticeship in Blockchain

Blockchain research is provided with real-time scenarios by an actual-time specialist. It is a distributed dataBase, this data is not available to the hacker to corrupt with the help of blockchain technology and we can host the transactional data by millions of computers at a time and we can retrieve the data at any time.

Who Can Take This Apprenticeship?

Students interested in studying the latest technology can take this blockchain apprenticeships program. It is beneficial for those who have an interest in financial, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, and Education.

Course Prerequisites

  • Developers with experience in Object-oriented Language are needed.
  • We would have a clear knowledge of Linux and the Command-Line.
  • It 's important to have a foundational knowledge of Linux, NodeJS, and JavaScript.

What Apprentice Will Learn?

  • Blockchain Architecture
  • Components of Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Blocks, Wallets, and Addresses
  • Public and Private Key
  • Ethereum: Blockchain with smart contract
  • Cryptography and Blockchain Algorithms
  • Transaction execution & distribution
  • Implement and deploy a smart contract on Blockchain

The Benefits of Apprenticeship in Blockchain

  • Prove your skills & understanding Blockchain
  • Gain a detailed understanding of Blockchain and its implementation
  • Implement the skills in every Blockchain program
  • Create your own Blockchain enterprise with information acquired

Career Opportunities

Blockchain Legal Consultant, Blockchain Quality Engineer, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Developer.

Average Salaries World wide
  • Blockchain System Design Engineer:- $142,85
  • Software Developer :- $126,927
  • Product Manager:- $126,400
  • Solution Architect:- $126,008
  • Research Developer:- $109,313
  • Service Manager:- $142,85
Average Salaries in India
  • System Design Engineer:- Rs. 17,11,180
  • Software Developer :- Rs. 16,24,615
  • Product Manager:- Rs. 8,35,755
  • Solution Architect:- Rs. 6,52,230
  • Research Developer:- Rs. 9,35,755
  • Service Manager:- Rs. 8,35,755

What Will You Get From INDIC-CHAIN

INDIC-CHAIN offers developers unique blockchain development courses for language and platform, and we are collaborating with all the most common blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, NXT, Ripple, and more.

Custom blockchains are also created for different projects. Our training options can be adapted and combined to provide the right solution to suit the needs of your organization.

  • 24*7 Support for all your queries
  • Hands-on industry project experience
  • Accelerated program & flexible learning
  • Teaching & coaching from professionals

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