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Each day it seems there’s a brand new gadget, app, or network ready to connect us. It began with communication, but over time it’s evolved to include wearables that track health and fitness, household integration, and security innovations in addition to advances in industrial, automotive, and surveillance technology. Data is gathered, shared, and processed, enabling devices to perform remote actions and enhance functionality. The remote network that makes this all possible — the Internet of Things (IoT) — is growing exponentially: from 10 billion connected devices in 2018 to a predicted 64 billion in 2025.

Which makes the question of who is going to manage the IoT for your business an increasingly urgent one. It’s a challenge troubling the minds of industry leaders, too, according to a recent report from Microsoft in which 47% of IoT adopters believe that there simply aren’t enough skilled workers available to keep up with the ever-growing needs.

What will you do?

Understanding IoT data is a big step in programming and product management. Businesses can lean up resources by turning data over to machine learning, offering customers solutions through connected things without expending more resources. Your intimate understanding of this new type of shared data gives you a leg up in a growing sector.

Program Overview

  • Python programming
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Microprocessors and
  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded System
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Advanced Embedded System
Average Salaries Worldwide
  • IoT System Design Engineer:- $159,368
  • IoT Software Developer:- $157,008
  • IoT Product Manager:- $145,555
  • IoT Solution Architect:- $150,891
  • IoT Research Developer:- $153,008
  • IoT Embedded Systems Designer:- $113,308
Average Salaries in India IoT
  • System Design Engineer:- Rs. 17,11,180
  • IoT Software Developer :- Rs. 16,24,615
  • IoT Product Manager:- Rs. 8,35,755
  • IoT Solution Architect:- Rs. 6,52,230
  • IoT Research Developer:- Rs. 9,35,755
  • IoT Service Manager:- Rs. 8,35,755
  • IoT Embedded Systems Designer:- Rs. 6,52,230

What Makes our Apprenticeship better?

Qualifications matter, but the right attitude and desire to work for INDIC-CHAIN are highly coveted.

With our apprenticeship, you get to:

  • Be involved with cutting-edge technology as it evolves and develops
  • Meet hundreds of Our employees, build contacts, work with the best, and learn from the experts
  • Partner with international brands to solve business problems and learn to sell those solutions
  • Learn to design, test, and deploy our technology and how that links to industry technology

How Does the Apprenticeship Work?

As an apprentice, you’ll get support and guidance to best apply your strengths, passion, and skills. By immersing yourself in how our teams work, you’ll gain relevant experience to be successful in your chosen career.

During our program, you’ll explore a variety of roles within the company, giving you a chance to explore a specific technology or work with specific teams.

And you’ll create a strong community, thanks to a brilliant group of current apprentices, mentors, managers, and more — all ready to guide and advise you.

Learn & Grow with INDIC-CHAIN Apprenticeship Program

Our apprentices lead varied and exciting lives, and just like you'd expect to see at a university, they take part in diverse activities alongside their apprenticeship.

You can be sure that there will be a variety of activities to get involved with to complement your development.

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