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The INDIC-CHAIN Apprenticeship Program creates new pathways to employment for candidates who want to upgrade or brush-up their skills.

At INDIC-CHAIN, apprenticeships are all about learning new talents and plenty of them. If you become an apprentice with INDIC-CHAIN it's not just about preparation and qualifications. We have your long-term professional career in mind.

With an extensive work-based development program, we'll help you grow with structured learning, concentrated hands-on training, and mentoring. This is the kind of experience that you really couldn't get somewhere else.

Overview of Apprenticeship in Web Technologies

INDIC-CHAIN apprenticeship program empowers adults from underrepresented groups and non-traditional backgrounds with real-world technology experiences that develop their skills in professionalism, Agile workflows, and collaboration ...unlike school or Bootcamp programs, upon our program completion, our apprentices are ready to enter the workforce with applicable professional experience.

What Should Future Applicants Expect From the Program?

If a future applicant has limited experience in this field they should expect to invest their time in the data science and engineering research tools and concepts. It, in conjunction with our program, will create an immersive learning environment.

Our Language Expertise for Web Apprenticeship

  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript
  • Go programming language
  • R
  • PHP
  • C#

What Sort of Apprentices Are We Looking for?

We 're looking for someone with a learning appetite, a passion for technology, and a desire to succeed! We really regard energy, creativity, and passion as essential. They all work in teams all the time, and you need to be someone who is going to succeed in that kind of atmosphere-a strong communicator and someone who is willing to guide others.

What Will You Get From INDIC-CHAIN

INDIC-CHAIN apprentices will learn to do full-stack web development using the latest technologies. As many apprentices as possible will be placed with partner companies via a two-way interview and rating system upon successful completion of the program.

  • 24*7 Support for all your queries
  • Hands-on industry project experience
  • Accelerated program & flexible learning
  • Teaching & coaching from professionals

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