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Bot Development Services
Bot Development

Bot Development Services

We are a leading Bot development company for building chatbot and voice chats using IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Rasa NLU, fastText, Microsoft Bot Framework. Bot Development Services Bots are software programs that usually perform automated tasks at a much higher rate than humans could. We are well versed in the Bots industry and have the most talented and experienced Bots creators. We provide recruitment services for our professional AI Bots.


  • Chat Boots

  • Trading Boats

  • Liquidity Boats


Chat Bots make the industry a thriving industry by providing social media models. We understand the need for Chatbot development and Chatbot integration into your project in today's world.


Trading bots are cryptocurrency trading bots which are computer programs that use indicators to identify trends and perform trading automatically. We, at IndicChain, work with the services of Trading Bots and end-to-end components to maintain your crypto trademark.


Liquidity bots are also the emerging technology bots of Bitshares that allow crypto market share enthusiasts to invest in the right market, and at the right rate. The future of Liquidity bots is expected to be a global one and we provide development services alike.


  • Artificial intelligence

  • Natural Language Processing

  • In-depth learning algorithms

  • Bot Engine Framework

  • BotChief Bot Creation software

  • Frame of Microsoft Bot