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Security Token Provisioning STO
Security Token Provisioning(STO)

Security Token Provisioning Services

Crypto Security Token tokens usually drive value from foreign assets. Donations for security tokens are designed to increase investors' confidence to invest in various projects. IndicChain, as a leading blockchain development company, assists many investors by building their own Token Token offerings. Our Security Tokens give investors various financial rights such as
Profit Sharing Rights
Back Purchase Rights
Equality in each level

STO Features

01 1

These tokens can be legally matched

03 1

Easy development of STO funds

02 1

These tokens are transparent

04 1

One can easily participate in global investment programs

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Types of STO

IndicChain has the experience to build as many different types of STOs as the client needs. Let’s take a look at the different types of STOs we are developing
most effective steps

We follow the simplest and most effective steps to improve your STO

  • Need for Capital

  • Eligibility test

  • STO is registered

  • To set the price for your STO

  • Exploring Prospectus

  • Introducing it to the market

  • Sales

  • Your STO is ready


Why IndicChain?

At IndicChain, we not only guarantee you to build the best STO, but we also pioneer at STO. And we have access to thousands of investor networks. The tokens we are developing offer a zero gas price, supporting fast transactions.

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