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IoT (Internet of Things)


We help companies utilize the full potential of Internet of Things and provide IoT development services to any industry and vertical.
IoT Solutions with IndicChain

Get Your IoT Application Developed

We offer a variety of IoT software development services from middleware engineering and the construction of IoT data pipelines to building usable web and mobile applications for connected system users.

Why Choose Indic-Chain?

IoT projects in the Indic-Chain portfolio ranging from embedded and interconnected solutions to complete platforms supported by AI-based analytics. We provide IoT development services that enable businesses to manage their operations efficiently, set up processes, and provide departmental visibility by integrating IoT applications, mobile devices, cloud services, and virtual reality into a hyper connected environment designed for end users.
Need a skilled team in IoT app development? Indic-Chain has extensive experience building connected connections across the web, mobile, voice, and chat. We can design and develop easy-to-use web and mobile applications that will help users easily navigate your system and make sense of the data they collect.
If you are working on an online product development novel and you want an IoT development company to work on your ideas, you are at the right place. We will help you define the critical features of your MVP, find the right balance between basic and unique performance, and build a test version of your system at great cost, in a short amount of time.
Infrastructure Monitoring and Management We have built a SaaS telemetry solution. This solution enables device monitoring and management, provides complete transparency and control of registered software and hardware performance and ensures the health of IT infrastructure.

Conditions for the Use of Industrial IoT

IndicChain has provided Internet of Things development services to a provider of power management and end-to-end solutions. Together, we have developed a sophisticated IoT system that enables responsive management of domestic energy use, savings, and pricing and provides unprecedented visibility in energy use.

IndicChain used big data visualization, statistics, and platform enhancement management. Using the information we receive, our clients can make data-driven decisions, increase conversions, improve services and improve customer engagement.

We have rich technical skills and extensive experience in the development of Internet of Things Software. But it is not enough. Our engineers live on the edge of innovation and trends – we learn the latest frameworks and platforms to develop IoT solutions and are always able to choose the most sensible and inexpensive tools for our customers.

Industrial IoT

Smart Meter

Smart Meters can measure energy, water, or natural gas consumption of a building or home.

Reduce operating costs by managing crafts remotely

Improve prediction and simplify power consumption

Improve customer service by including details and segregation

Reduce energy theft

Simplify monitoring of small productivity and track renewable energy

Asset Management

An IoT-enabled asset tracking app can quickly detect and monitor sensitive assets, including the supply chain (e.g. consumables, storage

products and containers) to improve asset management, maintain inventory standards, prevent quality issues and detect theft.

Remote Inventory Tracking

Health / Property Monitoring

Inheritance Asset Management

Asset Defaults for Asset Operations

Estimated Asset Adjustment

Predictability retention

The IoT-based forecasting system allows companies to recognize potential failures and increase production of more sensitive assets.

Reduced downtime

Great efficiency and output

Improve products and processes

Low maintenance costs

Increase consumption

Fleet Management

IoT management enabled Fleet management to increase efficiency while under military control and reduce all travel and personnel costs in a better way.

Route Use

Increasing driver and car safety

Elimination of fraudulent activity

The actual appearance of the ships

Longer years of motor life

Other IoT Usage cases

We provide software-specific software development services to meet customer expectations.

Asset management

We are building IoT-enabled applications that enable real-time ship management and greater transport efficiency in the Logistics industry.

Route Use

Security, surveillance, and security

Real-time monitoring

IoT health solutions

We are building IoT-enabled healthcare applications that allow remote monitoring, better patient care and critical patient imaging with IoT devices.

Simultaneous reporting and monitoring

Data integration and analysis

Tracking and warnings

Smart Home and Workplace

We provide development services for smart homes and workplaces, which change the way we live our lives.

Home access control

Managing household items

Evaluating home conditions


We create Iot applications for retail companies that help them analyze customer behavior, provide a better shopping experience and increase revenue.

Improving customer experience

Improving the store experience

Better collection tracking


We are building IoT-enabled production systems that can facilitate the flow of production into the production area and the IoT automatically

monitors development cycles, and manages warehouses and inventories.

Use of Packaging

Quality control

Production Control System


Use IoT systems to monitor yield, field conditions in real time.

Weather monitoring

Automatic heating

Plant management




C / C ++


C #

Scala and more



Raspberry Pi



CHIP and more



Apache Hadoop

Apache Kafka






Spark ML




The sensors

  • Temperature
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Water quality
  • Fog Machine
  • Movement and speed
  • Chemicals and Gas
  • Infrared radiation
  • Acoustic, sound and vibration
  • Force, load and pressure
  • Electricity and magnetic field
  • Light (LDR), machine vision