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Who is a Data Scientist

Data scientists are big data wranglers, gathering and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data. A data scientist’s role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics. They analyze, process, and model data then interpret the results to create actionable plans for companies and other organizations.

A data scientist’s work typically involves making sense of messy, unstructured data, from sources such as smart devices, social media feeds, and emails that don’t neatly fit into a database.

Experienced data scientists and data managers typically have over ten years of experience and are tasked with developing a company’s best practices, from cleaning to processing and storing data. They work cross functionally with other teams throughout their organization, such as marketing, customer success, and operations. They are highly sought after in today’s data and tech heavy economy, and their salaries and job growth clearly reflect that.

Required skills to become a data scientist

  • Programming
  • Machine Learning techniques
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Statistical analysis and Math
  • Effective Communication
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Data Mining, Cleaning and Munging
  • Research
  • Big Data Platforms
  • Cloud Tools
  • Data warehousing and structures

A data scientist’s responsibilities may include:

  • Solving business problems through undirected research and framing open-ended industry questions.
  • Extract huge volumes of structured and unstructured data. They query structured data from relational databases using programming languages such as SQL. They gather unstructured data through web scraping, APIs, and surveys.
  • Employ sophisticated analytical methods, machine learning and statistical methods to prepare data for use in predictive and prescriptive modeling.
  • Thoroughly clean data to discard irrelevant information and prepare the data for preprocessing and modeling.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to determine how to handle missing data and to look for trends and/or opportunities.
  • Discovering new algorithms to solve problems and build programs to automate repetitive work.
  • Communicate predictions and findings to management and IT departments through effective data visualizations and reports.
  • Recommend cost-effective changes to existing procedures and strategies

Every company will have a different take on data science job tasks. Some treat their data scientists as data analysts or combine their duties with data engineers; others need top-level analytics experts skilled in intense machine learning and data visualizations.

Average Salaries World wide
  • Machine learning engineer: $142,859
  • Data scientist : $126,927
  • Computer vision engineer: $126,400
  • Data warehouse architect: $126,008
  • Algorithm engineer: $109,313
Average Salaries in India
  • Principal Data Scientist – Rs. 17,11,180
  • Computer Scientist – Rs. 16,24,615
  • Machine Learning Engineer – Rs. 9,50,000
  • Data Engineer – Rs. 8,35,755
  • Data Scientist – Rs. 6,99,928
  • Research Engineer – Rs. 6,52,230
  • Algorithm Engineer – Rs. 5,40,220
  • Data Analyst – Rs. 4,97,550
  • Computer Vision Engineer – Rs. 4,50,000

As data scientists achieve new levels of experience or change jobs, their responsibilities invariably change. For example, a person working alone in a mid-size company may spend a good portion of the day in data cleaning and munging. A high-level employee in a business that offers data-based services may be asked to structure big data projects or create new products.

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